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Most of them will be very small grown. Most people call them TEACUP PARTI YORKIE or Teacup Yorkie Puppies. Other people say there is no such word.
All I know for sure is I get a lot of Phone Calls, Text Messages and Emails  asking for a Teacup Parti Yorkie for sale or Tea-Cup Parti Yorkie Puppies for sale.  So I do use the words Teacup, Tiny, and Little quite a bit.
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What is a Parti Yorkie?
A Parti Yorkie is a colored Yorkie and has earned recognition around the ear 1980's, while the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the Parti Yorkie only a few years back. Parti Yorkies are the result of a breeding process involving two traditionally colored Yorkshire Terriers, both of whom carry the Parti color-producing gene. Parit Yorkies come in combinations of colors including Golden-Parti, and Chocolate-Parti Yorkshire Terriers. So, if you are looking at ads offering cute Yorkies, particularly, those for Parti Yorkies for sale, or Parti Yorkie Puppies for sale, you will now know what Parti Yorkies are all about.

What color is a Parti Yorkie?
Parti Yorkies are cute yorkies and quite unique and rare. Since Yorkies Terriers comes in a variety of colors, Parti Yorkies are bred by crossing two traditionally colored Yorkies, can be either black, white, or tan. Also slowly becoming available are the Golden-Parti Yorkies and the Chocolate-Parti Yorkies. With the demand for cute Yorkies growing, you will be seeing more advertisement of "Parti Yorkies for Sale" and "Parti Yorkshire Terrier Pups for Sale" on the internet as well as in newspapers and pet magazines today.
Are Parti Yorkies genuine Yorkies?
This is a logical question asked by many who may have come across advertisement for Parti Yorkies for sale or Parti Yorkies puppies for sale. The truth is, that any Parti Yorkie is genuine, as long as that both parents carry the recessive, Parti color-producing gene. Parti Yorkies are not only cute, but Parti Yorkies are also excellent show dogs and have won several championship titles.

Who has genuine Parti Yorkies?
You can buy cute Yorkies from any genuine breeder offering Parti Yorkies for sale. However, it would be helpful to seek evidence to prove that both parents are carrying the Parti color-producing gene. Try and avoid pet shops, and particularly puppy mills claiming to have genuine Parti Yorkies for sale. As you may end up with cute Yorkies that are of poor temperament and health.

When you are searching for Parti Yorkies for sale, you will soon realize that they are beautiful Yorkies and you will find them hard to resist.

Parti Yorkie-for-sale
Parti Yorkie-for-sale
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